Caring for your Feather Products

Care and Cleaning of Feathers and Feather Boas

Feathers and boas are a natural items, and some care and attention is required to look after them. Proper maintenance of your feathers will keep them looking beautiful, and the information on this page will help you care for your feathers and your feather boas.

Our Feathers are Cleaned and Treated

Our feathers and feather boas are clean, properly treated, and fumigated, and they are ready for you to use as soon as you receive them.

Because feathers and feather boas are animal products, we are required by international, Federal, and USDA regulations to store all of our merchandise in an environment where insect infestation is eliminated. Some of our feathers, boas, dusters and apparel are stored in an environment of naphthalene to comply with these regulations. If this treatment leaves any lingering odor when you receive your product, you can easily remove any unwanted small by putting your feathers outside in warm, direct sunlight for a few hours with some fresh air.

Another method is put your feathers or feather boa inside a pillowcase, add 2 or 3 anti-static sheets from your laundry, and leave them in the pillowcase with the feathers for for a day or so. The anti-static sheets will absorb any smell. (Do NOT put the pillowcase with your feathers into the drier!)

How to Re-Fluff Ostrich and Peacock Feathers and Feather Boas

Feathers and boas naturally dry out over a period of time and lose both their fluffiness and looks.To restore your feathers and boas to a fuller look, we recommend that you agitate and steam them. This is always a good place to start in order to make them look more attractive.

  •     First, rub the feathers or boas between your hands, gently but firmly. This brings out the feather flu and makes the individual strands more fluffy. You can do this with boas as well.
  • The next step is to steam the feathers.
  • Prepare a pot of boiling water.
  • Place the lid on the pot covering about 90% of it. This will focus and direct the steam. BE CAREFUL when working with steam. Steam is vaporized boiling water and very hot.
  • Gently put each individual feather into the stream of steam forcing its way out of the pot. DO NOT put your fingers in the steam (a tea kettle works well for this purpose too.)
  • Agitating and steaming the feathers will put moisture back into them, expanding their appearance. This is especially true for peacock and ostrich feathers.
  • Once the feather has opened up, stop. More steaming has little or no effect.

How to Wash Ostrich and Peacock Feathers and Feather Boas

Washing should be done in warm soapy water if needed. We use a liquid dish soap like joy or dawn. If you ever have to wash your feathers, dry them naturally, never dry with direct heat such as putting them on a radiator or in the oven! Once dry, steam them to "fluff&" them out again.

Most boas are twisted when they are made. Heavier boas, such as ostrich, Coque (rooster) and Turkey ruff naturally become untwisted in transit or with use and should be periodically re-twisted to maintain their looks.
Washing Dyed Feathers


Do not mix colors if you wash them. Colors may run if wet.

Feather Duster Care

Cleaning a genuine feather duster is very simple - just agitate the feathers gently and briskly against your hand - we recommend doing this outside!
Wash With Soap and Water

You may also wash your feather duster in warm soapy water and rinse it out. Gently squeeze out excess moisture. Then place the duster in a pillow case, put this into the tumble dryer on low heat and run it for 20 - 30 minutes. Repeat if not fully dry. Fluff it out manually when it is dry.
Feather Duster Storage

We recommend and advise that you store your feather dusters in a plastic bag with mothballs, which you can obtain from the local hardware store.

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